Early Childhood Development Intern

Description: This intern position is entirely new and is designed to provide quality services to the children of TGH clients.  It is very important for TGH kids to have opportunities to grow and develop in a safe and fun environment.  During the summer months, many kids are out of school and come into the Drop-In Center more frequently with their parents. This intern will be responsible for planning innovative summer activities and field trips for TGH kids as well as providing childcare in the Drop-in Center.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Plan and coordinate summer field trips for TGH clients and kids

  • Provide childcare for TGH kids at the Drop-in Center

  • Maintain and improve the Therapeutic Kids Room at the Drop-in Center

  • Research play therapy and other child-friendly therapy best practices


  • Experience working with kids ages 0.5-12 years old

  • Student of good standing at an undergraduate or graduate level. High School Graduates with ample experience may be considered as well.

  • Academic Study of Early Childhood Development preferred

  • Strong character traits of: Initiative, Organization, Responsibility, and Leadership

  • Passion for supporting survivors of human trafficking

  • CPR/First Aid Certified preferred