Core Values

+ Hope

The stats, numbers, stories and emotions overwhelm a lot of people when they first learn about human trafficking. We see the realities of this issue and the toll it takes on a person's life on a daily basis, but the second we succumb to cynical hopelessness is the moment we stop being a safe place where survivors can heal and discover a brighter future. In the face of an overwhelming issue we hold on to hope because we know something bigger is at play and we have the opportunity to be a part of something beautiful - hope restored and dignity reclaimed.

+ Holistic Restoration

Our aim is to facilitate holistic restoration for victims. We address very basic needs to the extremely complex. Holistic restoration to us doesn’t start and end with a program, it’s proven by the long-term health of a person. Our goal is not about recycling someone through a program and obtaining high numbers of people served. Our goal is to serve and provide services that will help our clients thrive, not just get by. If it were about the numbers it wouldn’t be about the individual. Whether it’s one person or 30, we are going to give all we can to help them walk freely into restoration.  

+ Community

Beyond services and programs, it is evident to us that clients need a supportive community around them. Community is not vital only for victims, but for all of us. Separated from community we feel isolated, which is why we strive for The Gray Haven’s culture to be one of intentional community where no one feels alone and where clients experience a healthy and vibrant environment.  

+ Exploration

We apply introspective exploration of ourselves to learn how we can encompass passion, kindness, love and peace in every aspect of our lives and as an organization. We apply the same exploratory attitude toward our practices and how we provide restorative care for victims of trafficking.

+ Joy

A result of our value for laughter and joy is a healing environment for clients. When someone has experienced trauma, the last thing we want to expose them to is a group of miserable people. We can never underestimate the impact of allowing a determined joy to be core to our lives. This is the environment clients deserve.