Joining together to restore hope


Jennifer was rescued by law enforcement who contacted Gray Haven immediately so that we could provide crisis support. She was forced into sex trafficking at 16 and trafficked for the next 4 years. Law enforcement discovered the trafficker employed brutal tactics to restrain and control victims. And Jennifer was subject to routine physical violence and torture. Such extreme violence functioned to condition Jennifer to comply and never consider fleeing.

Law enforcement arrested her trafficker when they rescued Jennifer. As you can imagine this is a traumatic experience, but due to her courageous testimony the trafficker received a strong sentence and will be in prison for a very long time.  

In the days and months following Jennifer's case, we provided case management and mentoring. We paired her up with a local therapist who specializes in sexual trauma and she was in a safe and healthy residential facility that specializes in care for trafficking survivors.  Now, after a little over a year, Jennifer has moved into permanent housing, participated in our job readiness program, and started a job with a local business partner. While her complete healing is far from over, this past year has been different. For the first time in a long time she feels safe, free, and hopeful.