National Human Trafficking Awareness Day



As we explore the rights of others this week I want to share what we believe about human rights here at TGHP. It's pretty obvious that we view slavery as despicable. It has no place in our human story, yet, it plays an active part in our world. As a part of the present day we have the opportunity to make the issue of forced labor and sex trafficking a part of our history and not our future. 

There are times in my life that I wish I could erase. Whether it was something done to me or a mistake I made I would love to forget it. I can't, but I can allow it teach me something. To shape me into a better person. 

This story of slavery that has been going on for far too long could be one of those pieces of history, but instead of seeing it only as a stain in our history let's turn it into a story about a group of people that stood up, talked about something tough, and decided they won’t allow it to happen anymore. 

We can shape this story into one of overcoming impossible odds. It takes sacrifice but the happy ending of our story will be the beginning of a brighter future for someone who has never known the concept of freedom, rights, equality, and dignity.  

Let's rewrite the story. Start by sharing this with friends. Share our website so that others can learn about human trafficking. 

Hope & Peace, 


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