What It Takes

Photo by Leney at a survivors recent baby shower 

Photo by Leney at a survivors recent baby shower 

Since the launch of our program in early 2012 we have seen incredible things happen in the lives of trafficking victims. We have seen hope outshine despair and we have seen them overcome mountainous odds. We have also seen them go through extremely difficult times and struggle to deal with what they went through. That's exactly why we're here. 

We exist for them. 

We exist to be a safe place where they can start down a road toward healing and complete restoration.

In a recent conversation with one of our board members we got on the topic of communicating what it is we do to you and the rest of the world. We use terms like services and case management--I know they're pretty boring, right? But, when we get down to the core of what Gray Haven does we realized everything we do is bent toward one goal: helping trafficking victims rebuild their lives. 

Their lives have been shattered by abuse, violence, manipulation, and fear. But, we have witnessed their courage and a determined resilience. We are simply there as guides and supporters. We know they need someone that knows what they went through and what they need. 

I want this to help you know how to tell others about Gray Haven and I want you to know what you're supporting. So, the next time someone asks you, "What does Gray Haven do?" You can answer by simply saying, "They help victims of human trafficking rebuild their lives". 

To do that we rely on people like you. To help you know what it takes, here is a basic breakdown of the funding it takes to care for someone in our program: 

$22 provides immediate assistance to a trafficking victim. It covers such things as food, clothing, and emergency response. 

$175 provides a full week of care for a trafficking victim. it covers housing, medical care, food, clothing, and the first week of counseling. 

$700 provides a full month of restorative care. This covers housing, medical care, counseling, life skills, and job skills training. 

We don't expect everyone to give $700 dollars a month, but if you give $1 a day it will make a huge difference in the life of a survivor. 

Please join us in rebuilding lives. We can't do it without you. 


With much hope and peace,