Welcome Lauren!

Here at Gray Haven we use the word community a lot.


There isn't a day that goes by that we're not saying something about community, how important it is, and how honored we all are to be a part of this journey together. 

A key part of the Gray Haven community is our volunteers, or as we call them: team members. We have been inspired countless times In our few years as an organization  by such thoughtful passion and dedication.  

With that said, I want introduce Lauren, our new Architect of Community. Now I know what you're asking, "Architect of community? Heh?" 

Traditionally, it's what you'd call a volunteer coordinator, but we see it a little differently. As the AoC, Lauren is responsible for working with new and existing team members to find them a place in the Gray Haven community. Our community, and the movement to provide hope for victims of trafficking, is built piece by piece. That's why it's our goal to find where someone fits according to their abilities and what's needed to help Gray Haven thrive. 

Below you'll see a few questions we asked Lauren so you can get to know her a little bit..

When did you decide you wanted to actively get involved in addressing human trafficking? What was the catalyst?


Ever since I started the MSW program at VCU I have come across many important social justice issues in this country. One of the issues that has been mentioned in many of my classes is human trafficking. I decided to dig deep and do some research on my own and my mind was blown upon seeing that human trafficking hits as close to home as my front door: Richmond. I decided to become in involved with Gray Haven to help the community become more aware of this situation and to encourage people to become involved with this great organization.  

5 favorite things:

Traveling- I love to experience new places and new people!

Cooking- I have a healthy obsession with Pinterest and I enjoy trying new recipes I find!

Reading- I now have a Kindle Fire and I love how I can have access to so many different books at one time! 

Planner- I would be lost without it!

Family- I have a large family and I am so lucky that a lot of them live close by so we get to hang out quite often!


I want to say welcome to Lauren and how excited we are to have her on the team. Join me in welcoming her! And, if you're interested in joining the team email lauren@thegrayhaven.org for more details

We'll be introducing some more of our team soon!