Hope Realized..


Last Friday the culmination of a year of hard work and waiting came to an exciting moment for three of our clients. Now the future is brighter and hope so tangible. 

When we first began working with Melanie, her sister, and their mom they had no idea how they would rebuild after the abuse and exploitation they experienced. A significant need they had was a t-visa, a visa that grants a trafficking survivor residence in the U.S. and enables the individual to work, go to school, and began a new chapter in their lives with many opportunities.

It is with great excitement that we want to share you that they all received approval for the t-visa! As we were sitting with them we were taken aback by something Melanie said that put everything in perspective, "There's a life ahead of us now." 

Friday marked a significant day in their journey and we are honored as an organization, and as individuals, to witness their lives begin this new chapter. We are so excited to continue walking alongside them as their story unfolds. 

Let Melanie's words go with you today as we reflect on what is possible when we stand together with those suffering in our community. Please share this story on your social networks and donate HERE so we can see hope restored for more victims of human trafficking.  

To the life ahead, 

The Gray Haven team