Technology & Serving Victims of Human Trafficking

The Gray Haven began serving trafficking victims in February 2012. Over the course of the past two years we have asked the question, “How do we know we’re doing it right?” 

Consulting with existing programs from around the world helped us begin to form our philosophy. Bringing the right people to the table became a vital component of serving our clients. Through research, building our team, receiving training, and constantly seeking best practices proven to work, we have seen incredible progress in our clients lives.

But the question we still ask is, “How are we doing?”, and more importantly, “How are those we serve doing after they interact with TGH?” Some of our clients come through TGH very quickly. We may need to relocate them to another state because of security concerns or we identify they have family somewhere outside of Virginia and it’s the ideal place for them. In that case we always make sure we identify and coordinate services for them wherever they are. 

Other clients have been with us since the day we opened our program. We’re able to see their lives improve and move forward.  

When an agency consistently asks themselves how they are doing it has the potential to create an approach that effectively meets the complex needs of a population that has experienced things most of us can’t imagine. 

In the process of asking ourselves these questions we have learned the value of making sure our program staff isn’t bogged down with paper work and inefficient means to keep track of each client throughout their time with TGH. We also learned we need to understand gaps in our services. Removing inefficient processes gives our team the ability to provide more care, more effectively.

Thanks to an IT Consulting and Mobile App Development company we’re taking a huge step toward doing this better than ever before. is coming alongside The Gray Haven to help us customize and design a software that will give us the tools we need to not only provide a lot of services to clients, but to do so with excellence. 

Using technology to provide direct services will give our team the ability to track each client through a streamlined process that will allow us to track every step of someone’s walk to freedom. Our team will be freed up to sit with clients and not worry about doing paperwork then taking an extra step to plug it into a computer database. It will all be done securely with mobile capability. We respond to crisis calls from law enforcement and other agencies 24/7 and need the ability to focus on client care not burdensome paperwork. We also need to ensure that the care we’re providing is working, not just well intended. Evaluating our services and identifying gaps gives us the ability to always improve what we do and how we do it.

Our partnership with translates into victims of trafficking finding hope and freedom. Technology has it’s pros and cons, but this is one of the pros. By leveraging these tools we will see more victims of human trafficking receive the quality care we would want for our own children and loved ones. 

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