We are present. We are passionate. We are committed.


Gray Haven started out providing basic services like food, clothing, and victim advocacy. Over the years we have added to the depth of services we provide to identified survivors as well as use our knowledge base to increase victim identification and inform the community at large how to engage this horrific injustice. 

We call it our method. Our method is by no means the only way to eradicate the issue. That rests on all of us. Gray Haven exists to ensure that as many barriers are lowered as possible giving survivors the opportunity to live free. Here's how we do it: 



Intervention & Identification

We disrupt the flow of human trafficking by working with first responders and conducting outreach to vulnerable populations. By working alongside a diverse range of organizations we are able to ensure victims are identified and referred for survivor care in Richmond or elsewhere.  


We advise and collaborate with government agencies, law enforcement, healthcare professionals, non-profit organizations, and the faith community to deliver training that goes beyond what human trafficking is to how we can address it and how to interact with survivors. Ultimately, we believe combating human trafficking does not rest on one organization, but on an entire community working toward that goal.

Survivor Care

Human trafficking is a source of oppression, manipulation, and trauma. The foundation of healing for those affected by this experience begins through the safety of healthy, equality-based relationships.

We provide unconditional support as a survivor begins the journey of healing. We walk alongside each survivor as they navigate the complexity of life and move toward independence by
nurturing resilience, self-determination, and confidence.